November 11, 2008

My word in motion.


words as art

October 30, 2008

Here are my four words for the typographic illustration project:

get to the polls!

October 30, 2008

For my vote poster, I wanted to play on the philosophical idea that voting gives you great power (despite some evidence to the contrary).  Personally I am somewhat cynical about politics, but I felt like designing a happy and inspiring poster.  I centered around the idea that on November 4th, everyone has superpowers and decided to use a Superman theme.  I took a photo of my friend a la Clark Kent and photoshopped it a bit, and ended up with this Claritin ad:

I’m not quite sure what I was thinking with the background.. obviously it doesn’t really work.  On my final, I changed it up for a more gritty, urban scene.  I also Live Traced the whole image and did a lot of cleaning up to give it a simplified cel-shaded comic look.  Finally, I tidied up the copy and fit it into a cool little Superman logo.  I think the end result is a lot more effective for a poster:

typographic journey

October 23, 2008

So I’m a little late in posting this, but here’s my typographic journey project and the subsequent design journey that got me there.

I wanted to work with the idea of showing topography using typography, because I ride my bike to class every day and elevation changes are readily apparent.  College Station doesn’t exactly have many significant hills, but there are definitely variations in the terrain.  My first iteration was big, bold, and ugly:

round one

I significantly redesigned it, lightening up the hills by forming them out of text and rearranging the layout on the page.  I changed the font from Myriad Pro to Helvetica, and added a little bike icon made of text and glyphs.

round two

My final iteration was much the same as the first, with some small spacing issues in the hills cleared up, and some green lines extended into the description text to add interest.

Overall, I think it’s a big improvement, and I’m pretty okay with how my journey turned out.

colorful connotations

September 29, 2008

Cymbolism is an interesting site where visitors can vote on the colors that best represent words.  The results are compiled into a sort of dictionary with color meanings, which is useful for anyone who wants to get a feel for what general ideas are associated with different colors.

A lot of the popular word/color combinations are really obvious, and a lot of other words don’t have a clear winning color associated with them, but the concept is pretty interesting.

Dear Adobe.

At first I thought it was the graphic design version of writing a letter to Santa Claus, but it’s definitely more like a place to get things off your chest.  Entertaining, even though it’s preaching to the choir.

I wonder if the almighty at Adobe ever read it..

While doing research for  my designer presentation I got sidetracked and clicked through a bunch of sites, and I ended up at this neat little blog called Engrave Your Tech.  They come up with beautiful designs that are laser engraved on everything from iPods to MacBooks to (here’s the brilliant one) MOLESKINES!  What a cool idea! The artistic potential for our humble little laser cutters in the woodshop abounds.

Of course, while I was admiring all of the pretty pictures, I immediately started thinking of designs I wanted to engrave on my Moleskines and got ridiculously excited.  Then, I catch the latest post at the top.  Apparently they determined that using a laser cutter on Moleskine covers does in fact emit highly toxic gasses.  OH THE HUMANITY.. stupid chemistry.  I don’t know if the blower exhaust system that our laser cutters use would avoid said problem, but I’m guessing that no one else knows for sure and they probably don’t want to risk it.

So basically, I don’t have a good reason for posting this, except I wanted to share that laser-engraved Moleskines are SO COOL but unfortunately also deadly.  Sad day.

If you’ve never played the video game Portal, you probably won’t find this that entertaining.. but someone made a motion typography movie for the ending song ‘Still Alive’.  It’s probably not the best motion type I’ve ever seen, but the song itself is priceless.  It’s too hard to explain if you don’t know the game, but it’s being sung by GLaDOS, who is an AI sentient being that controls the facility that the game takes place in.. she’s quite the character.

threadless: nude no more

September 4, 2008

Today I was complimented on my Threadless t-shirt, so I figured I’d make a blog post spreading the love. has been fueling my funky t-shirt addiction for 4 years now.  The basic premise of the site is this: users submit designs for t-shirts, and thousands of other users rate the designs.  Every week, a selection of top-scoring designs is printed and sold online.  Basically, it’s an awesome design democracy.  Anyone can sign up for an account and submit designs, score them, and buy them.

Right now, they’re having a Back to School sale so all the tees are $9 or $12.  Shipping is usually pretty expedient and reasonable, and the shirts and printing are of excellent quality.  Warning: they recently made some changes to the type of t-shirt they use, and I don’t like the fit as much but I’m probably unreasonably picky.  I like Threadless because you can get really unique and nice-looking shirts for a decent price, and I think it’s cool that individual artists can get their designs printed for the world to own.  I haven’t actually submitted a design yet, but I keep telling myself I’m going to do it soon.

Some of my favorite designs: